Instructor Handouts and Videos

Check out for a wonderful backup tool to help you have fun practicing and improving your rhythm.

Little Liza Jane Chords.pdf Little Liza Jane Chords.pdf
Size : 28.552 Kb
Type : pdf
Little Liza Jane-2.pdf Little Liza Jane-2.pdf
Size : 22.122 Kb
Type : pdf
TaterPatchFiddle.pdf TaterPatchFiddle.pdf
Size : 29.327 Kb
Type : pdf
Fiddle Capo Handout.pdf Fiddle Capo Handout.pdf
Size : 26.026 Kb
Type : pdf

Camp Recordings

Cabbages! Tyler Andal - Rivers, Juli, and Paula.mp3

Little Liza Jane with Natalia Padilla - Ed, Linda, Deanna, Maggie.mp3

Boil em Cabbages with Bronwyn Keith Hynes - Krystle, Peter, Susan, Nate.mp3

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